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Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

8150 Woodworks

Hi, I'm Scott Orr, I am a Husband, Profesional Firefighter, Hunter, Overall outdoorsman, farmer, and family man. 

 For years I have had a strong interest in creating, designing, and building. I come from a family of creators and entrepreneurs. 


Both of my grandfathers have been craftsmen most of their lives and both of my grandmothers are hardworking women who juggled jobs outside of the home, as well as working tirelessly at home as homemakers, making clothing, and many other things for their children. My father and mother worked together to build and grow several businesses successfully through the ups and downs of the 2000s. 


All the success from the generations before me is what has driven me to build my own legacy, which ultimately leads me to pursue my passion, and create 8150 Woodworks. A space for me to grow, learn and develop the skills I need to be successful and create my own path to success with my beautiful wife by my side.


Here at 8150 woodworks, I focus on custom woodworking, cornhole boards, and other home décor. I do my woodworking in the spare time of my busy life, I also work full-time as a Firefighter, I run a small hobby farm with my wife caring for cows, goats, chickens, pigs, and our awesome dogs Murphy and Maggie! Along with the farm, I am currently in the process of building a contracting business with my dad.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the business (or want to see more pictures of our animals) please feel free to reach out! 


My mission is "To bring fun, enjoyment, and smiles to families by building quality wood products"

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